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Menthe Accounting has been providing our clients in the greater South Africa area with first-class accounting services since 2012. We take care of all of your financial needs so you don't have to, leaving you free to focus on the rest of your life. Whether you are starting a business or just need help with filing taxes, we are here for you.

Menthe Accounting & Auditing

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The Accountants You Can Trust

Menthe Accounting has been specializing in personalized taxation and accounting services throughout the South Africa in various industries area since 2012. In addition to our certified accountants, we have the skills, knowledge and charisma to handle all of your accounting needs. We are ready to tackle any financial challenges that you may have as your trusted tax planner and financial adviser.

Management Accounting

We use our qualifications and experience not only to complete this work quickly and accurately, but we also use initiative to identify problems and opportunities.

Tax Compliance

Effective corporate and personal tax planning can also result in significant improvements to your bottom line.

Payroll Administration

To outsource Payroll Calculation can be an extremely effective way to achieve strategic operational gains, 100% complaince and cost savings whereby you add value to your core business. It will help you free up time, reduce your payroll software, labour and overhead costs, while minimizing the compliance and legislative risks.


Our office is able to assist in the registering of the entity with the South African Revenue Service for VAT, PAYE, UIF and workmen’s compensation, CIPC, whatever you need 

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